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TTTK9 University Certification

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TTTK9 University is a program designed to provide assistance and education to new and experienced handlers in the various K9 search disciplines. We have taken steps to consolidate training programs into one location based on hard evidence of successful K9 deployment; not simply theory or training.  TTTK9 University is made up of professional K9 handlers in every discipline who have come together to pool and share all of their extensive knowledge in one location. The primary goal of the University is to provide solid training and testing methods that reflect the needs of the public for the K9 Search Arts based on reality.  This is not a social event. It is a discipline similar to any serious martial art. What we do affects the lives of people and our position is only the best K9 work possible will do.  We are not many, but we are the best. If you think you have what it takes to make the grade…join us. It may not be fun or pretty but what you get from this journey will be earned though your blood, sweat, and tears and you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you earned your stripes.
The TTTK9 University Online Testing program for scent specific trailing work is the first of a series of online testing courses for all K9 search disciplines.  As this is a new program, it will have difficulties and problems that we must labor through.  Please feel free to give us feedback on the testing process.

Please choose your test of choice from the drop down menu.  Upon receipt of payment you will be sent a link to your test and a temporary password. Upon a successful completion of your exam you will be issued a digital and paper copy of a certificate. The exam fee includes shipping to any USA, DPO, or APO address. Overseas addresses will receive a shipping credit of $10. Amounts over $10 for shipping will be billed seperately.
Tactical/ Combat Tracking- This test is based on Jeff Schettler's training manual Tactical Tracker Teams consisting of 82 multiple choice and essay style questions requiring an 80% pass rate for certification.
K9 Trailing- Is a basic Trailing exam based on scent and trailing theory from Jeff Schettler's book, K9 Trailing The Straightest Path consisting of 60 multiple choice and essay style questions requiring an 80% pass rate for certification. 

K9 Health & Welfare- Is a basic canine health and welfare exam based on the GAK9 K9 Handler's course training manual that will be emailed to the test taker. The exam is made up of 62 multiple choice and essay style questions requiring and 80% pass rate for certifcation.

Die Mantrailing Theorieprüfung basiert auf Jeff Schettlers Buch "K9 Trailing - The Straightest Path". Dieses Buch ist unter dem Titel "K.9 Trailing - Professionelle Personensuche mit Hund“ beim Kynos Verlag auf Deutsch erhältlich. Vielen Dank an Anja Lausberg, Monique Simmer und Tim Schmutzler für ihre unermüdliche Arbeit bei der Übersetzung des Buches. Ebenfalls vielen Dank an Alis Dobler für die Übersetzung der Prüfung. Die Prüfung besteht aus 60 Multiple-Choice- und Freitext-Fragen. Um die Prüfung zu bestehen, müssen 80% der Fragen richtig beantwortet werden. Wenn der/die Student/in die Prüfung besteht, erhält er/sie ein Zertifikat in Papier- und digitaler Form.

The Scent Evidence and Crime Scene Processing exam based on Jeff’s K9 Trailing and Tao of Trailing books as well as training articles written for K9 Cop Magazine.  This exam is the first of its kind for professional K9 handlers. The techniques  Jeff, GAK9 Trainers, and handlers use on the street to find criminal suspects are the foundation for this exam. Jeff’s books can be obtained from our online store. The training document will be emailed as a PDF file to exam applicant as a study guide. This exam is made up of 40 multiple choice and free text questions. An 80% passing rate is required for certification. The student will be provided with a paper and digital certificate upon successful completion of the exam.

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