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TTT Certification Portal

  • $ 800

Trailing University Online testing: Upon receipt of your order you will be supplied with a passord to access the written test. The test is 60 multi-choice and essay style questions and must be passed with an 80% rate. Upon successful completion of the test a certificate will be mailed to the student. Shipping is not included in the price.

Level 1, 2, and 3 Certifications in trailing are authorized to wear the appropriate patch set listed below.  The patches are issued with successful completion of certification. Also issued is an award certificate that will be signed by the officiating trainer for the certification. If you have not tested yet and are interested in certifcation, please contact your local TTT Trailing Trainer or email us at

In the USA, patch sets and certificates will be mailed to the successful handler directly from our school.  For our European students, the patch set and certificate will be issued by the officiating trainer after certification is achieved. 

Shipping Options:

Please choose your postage of choice. Paypal payments will have a very safe and convenitent shipping option included. 

Patch sets may be ordered separately if certification has already been documented.  Replacement certificates are available for applicable postage and a $5.00 processing fee. Please indicate on your order if your ordered certificate is a replacement.

Introducing our new patch and certification level rockers. This design has been in production for over a year and I am really excited to show it to you all now. The Tactical Tracker Teams certification program has never been for the masses. It is an exceptional training program for exceptional handlers and dogs. Very few pass our certifications standards. Our process was the first of it's kind in trailing and has been the basis for many modern certifications for other departments and organizations world wide. 

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